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Radish Sandwich

18 Jun

I love Radishes sliced on buttered Fench bread with sea salt in a sammy.


Radish-top Salad

9 Jun

My daughter made this Radish Top Yogurt dish and and I loved it.

First take some some radishes, the bottom part, and chop or slice then add them to some plain yogurt (we used about a cup). Season with salt and freshly ground coarse black pepper. This will be the dressing.
Then take one bunch of young tender radish tops. Clean and dry them.  Chop coarsely.
Heat some oil, we used olive because that was what we had.  Add seasoning and sauté quickly.  We used coarsely ground red chili pepper but my daughter said she usually toasts some cumin seeds in the oil also. (I’m thinking garlic or garlic scapes would be good seasonings to use here too)  Add the radish tops and sauté until tender.  My daughter says sometimes she likes to toast the greens on high heat until they are almost crispy.  I’ll have to try that next time.
Mix the wilted greens into the yogurt mix.  Toast some peanuts in a pan and add them to the salad.
It’s really yummy.  Here I’ve always thrown the tops in the compost.  Who knew they were good eats!

First CSA Summer Dinner

6 Jun

Thank you for making heroes of us all.  We had old friends for dinner last night and everything was beyond amazing due to the freshness and quality of our produce.  We had Portuguese kale soup, celeriac in balsamic vinaigrette in our salad and parsnips roasted with (MY) home grown onion.  Ohhh my, thanks again