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Chicken Salad with Pac Choi

1 Jun

Chicken stir-fry is great with Pac Choi, and baby Pac Choi salad is very tasty, too…. so, why not substitute Pac Choi for the celery in any chicken salad recipe you enjoy?
My favorites are made with homemade Mayo from fresh eggs, with some mustard and garlic and honey; I also think craisins or currants (the dried kind, which are really a type of dried small grape) are just great in chicken salad.  Or, almonds. But, the variety is endless, and precise proportions are not needed.  Have a lot of Pac Choi?  Make your chicken salad with a high proportion of crunchy veggie-matter and stuff into pitas for lunch!  Oh, and fresh rosemary is delicious in chicken salad, too.