Sweet Land Farm has a large and vibrant membership. Farm events are intended to nurture the farm community, support our farmers and provide opportunities for leaning and fun. We are working from a volunteer, “by members, for members” model. Join us!


Kids Events:

What: 5-10 mini, kid-focused workshops. Nature/farming focused books and activities. Examples might include: How does wool become a sweater? What to bees do? Seeds! Farming in the “olden” days.

Where: Set up the picnic tables behind the distribution shed.

When: Primarily during Friday distributions. 3-5pm. Times may vary depending on the needs of the facilitators.

How: Facilitators brings supplies. Simple set up.

Dinners from the Farm Menu Series:

What: Weekly menus for the length of the summer CSA. Links to online recipes and a shopping list for additional ingredients needed. Might include seasonal desserts or breakfast, lunch, snack ideas.

Where: Posted to the recipes blog accessible from the Sweet Land Farm Website.

When: New posts weekly.

Who: By members for members.

How: Sign up. It’s easy and fun!

Farm to Table Series:

What: Cooking/preserving classes/demonstrations, U-pick clinics, presentations/discussions on “making the most of the CSA bounty”

Where: Distribution shed, library community room, other locations in the community?

When: U-pick clinics and some demo’s will happen during distribution times, classes and presentations will take place evenings and/or weekends

Who: Members are invited to share their expertise and methods for cooking, preserving U-Pick crops and making the most of their share. In addition, Evangeline and Paul will host farm walks and a series of  “How to U-Pick” clinics during distributions.

Gleaning/Mobbing and Helping with Health Foods for All Dinners

Explore opportunities to glean at local farms? Projects around the Farm and this summer? Farm and food related community service type projects?

Fall Harvest Potluck and Perennial Swap

What events would you like to see? We are all ears!


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