Quick and Dirty Celeriac Remoulade

27 Jun

By Ashley Miller

I don’t know where the term “quick and dirty” comes from but in my family it was always used to describe a shortcut for any time-honored, labor intensive process. A classic Celeriac Remoulade is one such process. This is the basic version of a fast and delicious way to prepare celeriac. You could also slant it toward a Waldorf Salad by adding chopped apples and walnuts. I apologize for the lack of measurements, but that’s the way it is with this simple dish.

Dijon Mustard
Chopped Parsley
Salt & Freshly Ground Pepper

Grate celeriac. Mix enough mayo and Dijon (I usually use a 4:1 mayo/mustard proportion) to make a dressing, thinning it with a bit of water if necessary. Do not let the celeriac remain long without the dressing, it browns when exposed to air.

Add a generous amount of chopped parsley, then the salt and pepper.


One Response to “Quick and Dirty Celeriac Remoulade”

  1. Rosemarie O'Keefe Hanson July 5, 2011 at 7:26 am #

    I often use tarragon instead of parsley, and few capers make their way, also. I squeeze a little lemon on after I grate it – it helps with the browning. People love this! I also make a “Waldorf” version like you mentioned, with apples and walnuts, but use greek yogurt instead of mustard/mayo.

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